A CSI: Miami New Year’s Eve

One of the best Christmas gifts ever came from Kristen’s sister Jen – a framed, signed photo of CSI: Miami’s David Caruso, so this past New Year’s Eve – we gave it a place of honor.


4 thoughts on “A CSI: Miami New Year’s Eve

  1. I think it is “D 1/2” unless he is secretly part of Eminem’s D12 “rap” “supergroup.” The funniest/saddest postscript to this? The shrine is still on our telephone table. It’s too awesomely terrible to take down just yet. Just like our bowling pin snowman and terrifying red velvet holiday ice skates planter. Happy holidays forever!

  2. You guys are too funny. But please don’t take it down! Just add a couple of construction paper hearts, and you’ve got a bitchin’ Valentine’s Day shrine!

    I’m still trying to decipher the meaning of the 1/2. But I’m sure it’s something very, very deep.

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