The post holiday blahs

I’ve been dreading this week pretty much since December 1st.   I knew December would fly by and the New Year’s Day would be on me in a flash.   Bringing me to my nemesis, January 2nd.
January 2nd is the worst day of the year.   Behind you all the mirth of the holiday and ahead of you a vast wasteland of days (146) until Memorial Day (unless you’re lucky enough to get days like President’s Day.   If so – don’t talk to me).   Of course on top of this is that everyone that took off the month of December has a month’s worth of work piled up to do – and if you service clients, that means you have a month’s worth of work piled up to do.

So Tuesday – six meetings.   Wednesday – four.   And of course I have to do work in between all of these meetings.   “It’s the most horrible time of the year.”
So speaking of the holidays, I never do New Year’s resolutions, but why not try something different?

  1. Take my vitamins every day.   Of course it’s the second day and I haven’t yet – but I still have 5 hours
  2. Eat less/be more active.   If I lose weight great – if not, that’s fine too.   Figure if I do this, things will take care of themselves
  3. Get more joy of my career
  4. Never promise to write anything specific on my blog in writing.   My Best of 2006 series consisted of two articles.   Of course I will make the following resolution to…
  5. Write more often. Hey, these are resolutions not promises
  6. Win the lottery
  7. Take better care of my finances.   Which will conflict with…
  8. Get out of the house and do more.   No reason not to jump in the car every so often for the day trip
  9. Spend more time with my family.   Of course there probably is a reason a reason I don’t spend enough time with them, but whatever those reasons are – they’re not enough to not see my nieces and nephews grow up
  10. Play the lottery

There you have it.   Don’t ask me in July how I’m doing.   If you’re within arms reach at the time you may regret it.

And with that: Happy New Year.

3 thoughts on “The post holiday blahs

  1. I think we get MLK Jr. Day here in DC. Hello, next Monday off! And Friday is my flex day, so I get another four day weekend!

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to gloat. ;)

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