The NBA is a joke

Never mind that the salary cap has ruined the league. Never mind that the “I” mindset of the current players makes the game basically unwatchable. Today the last vestige of anything resembling a competitive sports league was removed by David Stern.

Saturday night Isaiah Thomas ordered one of his players, Mardy Collins, to give a hard foul to a Denver Nuggets player. The resulting play caused one of the ugliest brawls in NBA history. Not as ugly as the brawl in Detroit a couple of years ago, but that was in a class of its own. The reason behind Thomas’ thugery – because George Karl, head coach of the Nuggets, kept his starters in the game even though they were ahead by a large margin. I though this was sports and the coach had every right to play who he wanted to. But nasty boy, Isaiah Thomas and all the testosterone that fuels the NBA was insulted. Insulted enough to start this brawl.

So with plenty of proof of what Thomas did (video, players admitting it) David Stern blamed the players, but refused to blame Thomas. Stern said there was no definitive proof that Thomas ordered the foul. Let’s for a minute play moron, and believe this. Thomas is the leader of a team that lost composure and led to an embarrassing brawl – by virtue of his position, he is culpable for the actions of his players. By letting Thomas off the hook, Stern basically condones this type of play, and moves the NBA closer to the WWE than the NFL.

David Stern: I have stopped watching your product. If it were only because I believe that the current structure of the salary cap enforces the opposite of parity, I probably wouldn’t say anything. But it appears that you’ve allowed this league to become a mismanaged mess.

If you don’t have the stomach to enforce law and order – then maybe it’s time you find someone that does. Otherwise you force more people away from your sport shaking their head in disgust.

6 thoughts on “The NBA is a joke

  1. If you check back to the original post – I imply that this is another example of all the wrongs in this league. People ask why the NFL can have players arrested monthly and not have an image problem and the answer is simple – they produce a quality product that people want and so we all overlook the problems. The NBA is not a quality product – it’s a me oriented league and has a financial system that precludes parity or at the very least competitive balance. Add to that the image issues, and yes it’s enough not to watch.

    Note: If the Sixers were to turn it around, would I watch? Probably. But the Phillies and Eagles I follow regardless of their record. Why? Because it’s in their hands to turn it around – they may decide not to, or be inept – but if you decide to put the proper effort towards improving, you can.

  2. I agree with Spencer. The NBA is just a bad product. The players in the league barely play defense. The shooting is horrible. The game just isn’t respectable. When things like this happen, it just magnifies the existing problems with the league.
    Football is a way better product and the NHL has always had fighting. Fighting is a part of hockey and its actually a part of the game that is going away. Hockey is becoming more about skill and less about brawn. Baseball isnt the game it used to be, either. The ball is juiced, the parks are small and the pitchers suck. That sport doesn’t have far to fall, in my opinion.
    Basketball is a game that is actually being ruined by its “best players” and the people who run the league.

  3. I agree. NBA isn’t fun anymore. Everyone is all about making that cash. From the awful shooting to “no calls” for superstars. It’s hard to watch now. It’s number one superstar in Lebron James is no way the age he claims to be, and there is no way, he isn’t on steroids. There is no such thing as freak of nature in this time and age. Amazingly, the NBA hasn’t had any reports about steroid use… it’s just a matter of time.

  4. The Laker and Denver series is a perfect example of Dave Sterns lack of decency. The officials have let the NBA turn into cage fighting. The Denver Nuggets with Karl as their leader are complete scum. How can any family watch what coach Karl has created… THUGS. I encourage everyone to speak out loudly. I used to enjoy watching the NBA, now all I see are Karl and his thug influence, please do not support the NBA any longer.

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