The ho-hum Race

The Amazing Race ended Sunday with a whimper and controversy.

To recap – the 3 teams left had to fly from Barcelona to Paris at the beginning of the episode.   They ran around in Paris – with Lyn and Karlyn making up significant time by picking the better airport and flight.   After running around Paris, they have to fly to New York City, Lyn and Karlyn fuck up, and end up at De Gaulle Airport last and without a flight back to the states.   Because of this, they weren’t even a factor in the last leg.   I’ve been watching for about 6 races now and this was the worst finale ever.   Eliminating a team based on flight availability just plain out sucks.   (Is it me or is it surprising that there wasn’t more than one flight to NYC?)

Add to that that there wasn’t a brains test in the last leg (the models won because their cab driver had EZ-Pass) makes me want to forget this race all together.

On to the next race – which is the The Amazing Race All-Stars.   This should be fun – some good villains and good players.   Looking forward to that in February.

4 thoughts on “The ho-hum Race

  1. I can’t wait for the All-Stars season. GO ROB AND AMBER! Heh heh!

    Yeah, the finale wasnt as exciting as some others, but they also didn’t insult us by making it seem closer than it was. I, too, wish there had been some thinking kind of puzzle for the end. It seems like the last leg should involve something other than just flying somewhere.

    Am I incorrect in remembering that they used to not get money for cabs and public transport?

  2. I’ve never watched the show..but did catch the finale. I too, thought it sucked that they won because of the toll booth EZ Pass. I was all pumped up when Lyn and Karyln went to a different airport…thinking maybe they’d get a better flight than everyone else…and outsmart them all. Hmm…maybe I’ll have to watch the all-star season.

  3. Agreed. Even when it’s not the finale, I feel like any major advantage/disadvantage due solely to flight availability is a bit of a copout. Very few big flaws in the structure of this show, but that’s certainly one of them.

  4. This was one race where I wasn’t fully invested. There were weeks where we let the recording sit on our DVR for the entire week – that wouldn’t have happened before. The finale was a microcosm of the season: eh.

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