Ghost of Christmas Fast

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized that in two weeks Christmas will be upon us.   Where in the world does time go?   Remember when Christmas couldn’t come fast enough?   These last two weeks would drag.   Talking about the latest toy at recess.   Leafing through the Sears & Roebuck Wish Book (showing my age there).   Now if I could delay Christmas by a month, I would in a heartbeat.   Then maybe we would have time to decorate, shop, visit with friends and family, etc.

Of course I say this now – but come January 3rd, I’ll return to the office knowing full well that I don’t have another day off until May.

Maybe that’s why I want this season to drag, because when it’s over, it’s January.

7 thoughts on “Ghost of Christmas Fast

  1. It does go quickly. Although, Christmas seems to start around Halloween these days.
    When you blink, it will be over. Enjoy it while its here. As a teacher, this is a good time for me. Once Christmas ends, its a long drag for us too. Sure, we have the Spring break, too. But, thats only a week. Ok, before that, we do have MLK Day….and President’s Day. But, that’s it. Oh, yeah…Memorial Day. Wait…in-service days…1/2 days.

    Yeah…I’m just going to go over here and shut up, now.

  2. The best was waiting all night Christmas Eve, barely sleeping at all and getting up at 5:00 a.m. and waking up the parents. Then the agony of taking turns opening gifts… with four siblings it took FOREVER for my turn to come around.

  3. Well..we used the JCPenney catalog. My sister and I took turn going through it and circling with a different color of ink all the things we wanted. I don’t know why, but for some reason…every year , my first choice was a pgog stick! I never got one…but got a pogo ball the year they came out. Not quite the same, but still fun.

    For me, the sadness of Christmas being over is the fact that not only will I not have any more vacation anytime soon, but I won’t have any good family get togethers, days of nothing but sleep, and an exuse to gain 5 lbs!

  4. Joey – Give me a break! You suck ;)

    Cindy – for me I remember Evil Knievel toys or baseball gear as my favorite stuff.

    At my house it was a free for all of gift opening – no waiting in line. Of course now that there are all my sisters’ children involved – that has turned into mayhem.

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