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  • Spencer

    I love lamp.

  • grace


  • Sarah

    It must be that I’m from the middle of nowhere..but I’ve never heard of WAWA. Guess it must be good though! Sorry bout your spinach though! ha

  • Spencer

    Sarah – I thought I knew who you were – being that I know a couple Sarah’s – but your lack of familiarity with Wawa means you’re not from Philly, and therefore not one of the original Sarah’s ;)

    Wawa is what 7-11 would be if it were good. Halfway between a supermarket and deli. Sometimes gas station. Sometimes restaurant – but it is always good.

  • Sarah

    Yep, I tend to confuse people with my generic name. My parents didn’t branch out very well in that area. My sisters are Amy and Angie.

    7-11…that description just scares me. Guess I’ll have to take your word for it!

    Oh..and no I’m not from Philly, I’m a Kansas gal. There’s no place like home?!