6 thoughts on “I miss spinach – part deux

  1. It must be that I’m from the middle of nowhere..but I’ve never heard of WAWA. Guess it must be good though! Sorry bout your spinach though! ha

  2. Sarah – I thought I knew who you were – being that I know a couple Sarah’s – but your lack of familiarity with Wawa means you’re not from Philly, and therefore not one of the original Sarah’s ;)

    Wawa is what 7-11 would be if it were good. Halfway between a supermarket and deli. Sometimes gas station. Sometimes restaurant – but it is always good.

  3. Yep, I tend to confuse people with my generic name. My parents didn’t branch out very well in that area. My sisters are Amy and Angie.

    7-11…that description just scares me. Guess I’ll have to take your word for it!

    Oh..and no I’m not from Philly, I’m a Kansas gal. There’s no place like home?!

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