Best of 2006: Ellery – Lying Awake

Slowly but surely I am compiling a Best of 2006 music list and rather than do a massive write up on each album, I’m going to write little reviews as often as possible, culminating with an ordered list of my top 20 in a few weeks.

Once I add someone to the list, I’ll add them to my store in the Best Music of 2006 section. Keep checking back.

I will do little reviews for as many of them as possible starting with Ellery .

ellery_lyingawake.jpgEllery’s Lying Awake the same kind of pop music that Grey’s Anatomy seems to love so much – easy to listen to, anthemic, and about relationships. Sarah McLachlan in sound – but with Sarah seeming to phone it in these days; it might be better to call them a poppier Brandi Carlisle.

Nothing earth shattering, but well done and very good.

Try the following songs: Anna, Long Coat On.

Ellery is also available on eMusic.

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