Another Amazing Race…

amazingrace.jpgI love seeing the villains vanquished. Every season of the Amazing Race there is a villain – this year it was the beauty queens, Dustin and Candace. They were great racers, but also assholes. So incredibly happy to see them go.

Am also very proud to see The Bamas , Lyn and Karlyn, two African-American women, become the first all woman team to make the final 3. They’ve been overlooked and underestimated the entire race. Knowing that the last leg of the race is usually about brains and avoiding the fatal mistake – they have a great chance to win it all.

As for last week’s episode – the Bamas were angry at being yielded by the beauty queens (btw – the beauty queens, not so beautiful), but they should have been angry at the teams ahead of the beauties at not yielding the strongest team at that point. It made absolutely no sense for the models or Rob and Kimberly not to yield the beauties.

5 thoughts on “Another Amazing Race…

  1. Yeah, I’m definitely rooting for the Alabama women to win out over the whiny couple and the pretty boys, who, thank god, have finally stopped talking about their recovered drug addiction every other sentence. (I most liked the Cho brothers’ routine of “brains plus nice”, but I think they carried the nice and considerate routine just a bit too far, enough to not be there anymore.)

    (btw, IE does some really weird formatting stuff when you’re trying to leave a comment in this new format, so that you can’t see half of what you’re typing… Yeah, I know, switch to Firefox, but just letting you know!)

  2. Yeah – I’m probably going to have to change the site again soon. I really like how this theme presents – but the guts are a bit glitchy. The IE thing annoys me because it’s because IE does things their own way as opposed to following net standards – but because everyone simply just uses IE in the Windows world, Microsoft is given the ability to can create their own crappy standard.

    Off my soapbox. I’ll probably change the theme soon.

  3. Good point. I use IE 7 at home and it all looks just fine. (And at home I could just as easily opt for Firefox if I feel like it, too, but the offending weirdness was at work where I’m chained to IE6 and given no option!) (But hey, I better not complain, since at least for the past several months I’ve had an XP machine — up until then I was still forced to use Win95 there!)

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