Aimee Mann goes one on one with a moron

Came across an Aimee Mann interview on the San Francisco Chronicle website. The interviewer, Aidin Vaziri comes off sounding like the biggest ass-clown ever. It’s obvious he was trying to be cool or had already figured out what he wanted Aimee to say. Either way it’s a good example of how not to conduct an interview.

It starts off with a bang with:

This is probably the most depressing Christmas album ever.

Is that even a question? So it goes back and forth and then there’s this gem:

Why do you hate the holidays so much?

I have to figure Aimee realizes at this point this isn’t going to get any better so she shouldn’t be surprised when the following question is posed:

Your version of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” sounds like a threat.

Aimee’s retort:

I think that says more about the listener than the performer. It’s almost one of those ’50s Hawaiian Don Ho things. It’s meant to be sweet and nostalgic.

And so it goes on. The more I read it, the more it seems as if he’s trying to be funny, but he comes off as being offended by her work. Sarcasm is tough in writing.

2 thoughts on “Aimee Mann goes one on one with a moron

  1. I wanted to thank you for the term ass-clown. I busted out laughing at work when I got your post on the list.

    And thanks for posting that ‘interview’ with my main musical lady. Ahh-riiight.

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