I miss spinach

spinach.jpgJust went to the market to get a salad (trying to make up for the cheesesteak I had last night) and all they had was lettuce. Seems as if all you can get these days is lettuce. I miss my dark green, better for you spinach. Seems as if after the e-coli scare, that spinach has been none to quick to return.

My work neighbor blames arugula. Same as how the duct tape manufacturers were behind 9/11 – you know it’s true!

4 thoughts on “I miss spinach

  1. Not me. I’m more of a romaine lettuce type of gal!

    But don’t worry, spinach will make a comeback. Everything does eventually! I saw CareBears in WalMart yesterday!

  2. I am happy to report I had some spinach on Saturday night and I am still among the living. I feel like a maverick. Don’t look now, but I am also going to swim right after eating.

    Somebody stop me.

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