A new look for A Rubber Door

Well spent most of the night putzing around with the site. Please let me know how it works for you, do you like it, hate it, etc.

If it doesn’t work – tell me what browser you have and what operating system.

9 thoughts on “A new look for A Rubber Door

  1. Damned if I do – damned if I don’t. The function for resizing doesn’t seem to work on IE, so I turned it off, so it doesn’t work well on Firefox.

    Fuck IE – you should be using Firefox anyway.

  2. LOL! Sorry was laughing at the above comment. This is such a radical change. I loved the old design because it was colorful. I like this one because it’s clean.

    Either way I’ll keep reading.

  3. i’m not loving it, sorry. and the comment box, (for me) goes off the page so I have to
    hit return at the end of each line if I want to be able to see what I’m typing…

    but hey, it’s your blog and you need to go with the aesthetic you like best!

  4. I have to say I like three-column layouts – they allow more of the sidebar content to appear on higher up on the screen. I always though my header took up way too much space – for usability sake I’d rather have my content higher up on the page.

    That said – I’m on the lookout for a different theme – this one isn’t 100%. Close.

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