Racism: 2006 style

Last night on 60 Minutes there was a story about the Hazleton ordinance banning landlords and employers from dealing with illegal immigrants.   Five years ago Pennsylvania enacted tax breaks to attract new business to the state – it worked, attracting tons of manufacturing jobs to the state.     With these jobs came people to rural areas of Pennsylvania. In 2000 the Hispanic population of Hazleton, PA was 5% – last year it was 30%, so the people of Hazleton through its Mayor decided to rid itself of the Hispanic population (they call them illegal immigrants).

There are tons of good reasons to control the illegal immigration population, from the drain on school resources, to the cost of the uninsured that hospitals have to bear, but it all comes at price.   Listening to the people of this city circle and attack all of the Hispanics that have moved to this city just to work at jobs that a lot of Americans think are beneath us.   Fact is these people have no problem isolating a group based on their race.   They call them “illegals” (sounds nicer than nigger or spic).   They can’t even tell the difference between the legal residents and the illegal residents – and they don’t care.

This is what the immigration debate about: getting a bunch of small-minded people to relive the old days only now its Hispanics and not Blacks.   It’s nothing more than government sponsored racism.

Isn’t it amazing how we Americans haven’t moved forward at all?

3 thoughts on “Racism: 2006 style

  1. I think the root cause of this problem is the fear that Hispanics will become the majority and Americans will be the minority. They’re insecure but they won’t admit it.

  2. No it is not racism at all. I saw the show. I agree with them. Why should people who are here illegally, be allowed to use up all the city’s money for services in which they did not contribute to? If they were white the city would do the same thing. You who are crying “racism” are not using your head. If the city allowed this free give-away to the illegals, they would soon be bankrupt.

  3. DW – Did I ever say that immigration wasn’t a problem? If you read above, I believe something needs to be done to control illegal immigration.

    My argument above, and the 60 Minutes piece have to do with the fact that laws such as the Hazleton law affect not only illegal but legal immigrants and citizens because the impetus for the law wasn’t the increased illegal immigrant population, but the increased Hispanic population – that makes it racism.

    Illegal or not – these people are not wanted by the locals – and this is their way to remove them.

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