Have your gear stolen in Philly

Today I was looking up a band called La Rocca – in Google I noticed a story about their gear being stolen here in Philadelphia. It sounded familiar – but too recent for me to have known about it, so I did a little digging. By my count, since January, eight bands having their equipment stolen in and around the Philadelphia area (one instance happened in Phoenixville).

  1. Film School – January
  2. Rosie Thomas – April
  3. Ambulettes – May
  4. Kyle Riabko – May
  5. Easily Amused – May
  6. Luce – May
  7. Damone – October
  8. La Rocca – November

These are people that make their living going from town to town – and they count on these instruments to make a living. With the spate of this type of crime it’s obvious that there is some sort of ring going on.
Without decent radio here all we need is another reason for bands to avoid the city.

Metro Article on Damone’s equipment theft

Philadelphia Inquirer article on the theft problem

5 thoughts on “Have your gear stolen in Philly

  1. LUCE had all of their gear stolen at the Microtel inn @ the Philly airport. we played a gig in Phoenixville the night before and stayed near the airport to pick up a friend. hopefully the police can actually set up a sting or some kinda bait n’ switch to cath the MoFO’s.

    best of luck to all of us who lost gear. we will Rock on.

    tour manager-LUCE

  2. I know – Frank Black had his gear stolen maybe about 5 years ago. And anyone that has seen Black or the Pixies knows that he travels with a ton of gear.

    This is a age old problem – Brooklyn has a problem with this too. Seems to be picking up steam.

  3. It happens a lot. There was no Cibo Matto Luscious Jackson show in Baltimore 8-9 years ago cause Cibo Matto had their gear stolen while passing through NY on their way to Charm City.

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