Brandi Carlile, Shawn Colvin, and other related stories

Saw Brandi Carlile and Shawn Colvin Sunday night at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA.   A few random notes:

If you get a chance to listen to Brandi Carlile, do so.   She fits in well with Shawn with a sultrier timbre to her voice.   She stole the show from Shawn who was able, but was simply Shawn.   Carlile was a revelation singing country tinged songs or sometimes even actual country songs such as Johnny Cash’s Fulsom Prison Blues.   She ended the night with a stunning rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.   My favorite moment though was she began singing What Can I Say – and then there’s that moment when the audience responds knowingly to the song, and then the little smile she got when she realized the audience recognized her music.   Her showing was one of those concert moments that felt so good and so right – hope to see her again soon.

I hope not to see the two drunken women that sat in front of us again.   The Keswick is one of those places that attracts a regular crowd of people that go to hear good music without having to seek it out.   People just show up – talk through the show, and pretend to be cool, and then go home just to do it again the next week.   Mostly older people with their gray ponytails, native american sweaters, and like the women in front of us over-exuberant swaying and seat dancing to the music.   These women would have been groupies somewhere else – and somewhere else I might have not noticed, but this was Shawn Colvin not Guns and Roses.   Pretty pathetic.

All that said – I need to hear a band.   You know, drummer, bass player, guitarist and all that; I remember when bands showed up with bands – what a great time that was.   Everything was just a little too acoustic last night.   Shawn and her band did do a pretty cool cover of the Gnarls Barkley song Crazy – I’ve noticed that Crazy is now the musicians version of the Aristocrats joke; everyone’s doing it.
All said – go listen to Brandi Carlile.

3 thoughts on “Brandi Carlile, Shawn Colvin, and other related stories

  1. I was dragged to see The Fray with my friend, Leslie; however, Brandi opened for them so I had reason to celebrate as I discovered something new I loved. Never heard of her before then.

    I saw Lindsey Buckingham last night and he was outstanding. He still has it after all these years and the new takes on old songs was great to hear.

  2. Hey there – I found this post by searching for reviews of this show – hope you don’t mind that I’ve stopped in for a read. :) I think I must have been sitting right beside you, because the drunken women were directly in front of me, as well (me: short hair, glasses, grey turtleneck, by myself – my friend bailed at the last minute!). I have to say, they nearly ruined the show for me – but I wasn’t going to allow them to. Why is it that I always end up behind The Drunk Jersey Girls Who Think They’re At An Eagles Game? :P

    Anyway – I found your review great, and pretty much agree word for word. It was a great evening of great music, despite the rowdy company in front of us. My review of the evening is on my MySpace page (linked above) if you’re interested.


  3. They pretty much ruined the show for my fiance. I found them amusing almost to the point of annoyance. If Shawn had been more on, they definitely would have annoyed me. Having seen Shawn at least a dozen times, it’s easy to forgive one show.

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