Britney and K-Fed vs. Election 2006 – CNN Style

Well this is the end of Politcalooza 2006. We’re done partying about the actual possibility of a system of checks and balances being put in place for an administration that had Katrina and Iraq.

Let’s gain perspective.

On Tuesday during the election, the following was CNN’s breaking news alert

Now that’s what’s important.

2 thoughts on “Britney and K-Fed vs. Election 2006 – CNN Style

  1. Oh heck yeah, we’re a country with some pretty screwed up priorities…

    I have to share with you (riding that K-Fed Britney wave for a moment) that my friend Elaine is “the fan” referred to in wire reports who outed K-Fed to Thomas Dolby for sampling Dolby’s music illegally. This led to Dolby taking legal action against everybody’s least favorite wannabe rapper. So, over the course of one week, poor wee Federloser had to give away tickets to his undersold NYC gig and pay an “undisclosed cash settlement” to Dolby, just as Britney divorces him. Sux to be you, K-Fed, my son.

  2. Don’t you mean Brittney paid undisclosed payments? That CD sold like 8 copies; all to his family members.

    Ooh – maybe this was the straw that broke the back – maybe Brittney got the settlement agreement and decided this was it. Wow, Elaine broke up K-Fed and Brittney. Pretty Cool.

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