More reasons to get out and vote

The Rolling Stone article I mentioned yesterday is one of the most damning articles I’ve read about the current political situation in the United States today. If you need a reason to vote, there is no better reason than to clean up the mess.

From the Rolling Stone article:

And the cost? Republicans in the Clinton years spent more than $35 million investigating the administration. The total amount of taxpayer funds spent, when independent counsels are taken into account, was more than $150 million. Included in that number was $2.2 million to investigate former HUD secretary Henry Cisneros for lying about improper payments he made to a mistress. In contrast, today’s Congress spent barely half a million dollars investigating the outright fraud and government bungling that followed Hurricane Katrina, the largest natural disaster in American history.

1,000 plus people died because the government bungled Katrina yet we spent more on the fact that the President couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. (Just like conservatives – more worried about the bedroom than about the issues that truly matter.)

Get out and vote today. End this shit. Vote for a good person and make them work.

2 thoughts on “More reasons to get out and vote

  1. “Make them work”. That’s the crux right there. Voting is the important thing, but follow-up with letters and communications to your elected official is the hard work more of us need to do including myself.

  2. I plan on emailing everyone I voted for. I also emailed Representative Jeff Flake in Arizona recently – seems like a really good representative that 60 minutes did a piece on last week.

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