Election 2006 – LIVE (Sort of)


An hour of liveblogging and I’m ending with Dennis Hastert conceding the Speaker of the House. We’re losing a lot of neck beards. I may have spoken too soon on Virginia.

Good night.


Looks like Gardner wasn’t drinking – ABC predicts that we’ve gotten the 17 seats needed to take over the House! Woo Hoo! CNN is also predicting the same.

Now on to the Senate.


What happened to Brit Humes face?

Wow Casey is leading by 20 points. Love, love, LOVE it.

The House races here in suburban Philly are too tight. Driving me crazy. Jim Gardner is asking if the Democrats will pick up 23 seats. Good lord man.


The unibrow eer I mean Bob Casey is giving a speech – Forget the Nyquil pass the NoDoz.

Sestak has gone to the Dems. It’s not looking good for the Senate though. 9 Seats picked up in the House. Getting there.


Bad news. Looks like Virginians will elect a racist for Senate and that Tennessee is leaning Republican.


Nice. The Dems have picked up 3 seats in the Senate and need just 3 more. We need to pick up 8 seats in the House.

Look President Clinton standing off in the background playing the supportive husband.

So far, so good. Casey took out Santorum. Menendez has retained his seat in New Jersey. Rendell beat Swann (yeah Pittsburgh got the Super Bowl but we got the Governor!)

The 3 hotly contested Congressional races in the Philadelphia suburbs are all be led by Democrats. So far, so good.

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