Vote once, Vote twice, vote three times

worstcongress.jpgWell tomorrow is the big day. The right to complain about the jobs our elected officials are doing is gained by simply spending the 15 minutes it takes to vote. All the dissatisfaction with the war in Iraq, spending, partisanship is all moot if you don’t vote.

Tomorrow I will be voting against my representatives in Congress, or as Rolling Stone calls it – The Worst Congress Ever. For me that means I will be voting all Democrat by voting for Bob Casey Jr. for Senate and Joe Sestak for Congress. I’m luck because for me that means I don’t cross party lines, but I would if it meant removing dead weight from this Congress.

If you don’t know who to vote for, check out Project Vote Smart. Click on your state and then the office. If you don’t know what district you’re in, just put in your zip code, and the website will tell you along with displaying incumbent information.
So remember – if you don’t vote, it’s your fault.

9 thoughts on “Vote once, Vote twice, vote three times

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  2. And there are two from Colorado on the list. Oh, joy! To live in this state! Unfortunately, both congresspersons are not in my district so I can’t vote against them, but have done my best to talk to friends who have friends in those districts to get them to go out and vote.

    The good news about Marilyn Muskrat Hate is that several people have told me that have friends in her district that are staunch Republicans and are completely fed up with Musgrave. They will be voting for Angie Paccione. Go Angie!

  3. The HBO documentary was pretty cool. Basically, they did an investigation into the fact that Diebold uses machines whose software can be manipulated into producing any outcome they want. They ended the show with a controlled experiment where they showed that a vote for one side could actually be counted as negative votes for that side and add votes to the opposition.

    It was pretty sad, actually.

    Check it out. I am sure you can get it On Demand.

    I am glad you were able to include the graphic for the Rolling Stone piece. Its a great article. I guess reading it now is an afterthought. Today is a great day, people.

    Ding-dong, Rumsfeld’s gone!!!!

  4. I saw the tail end of that documentary last night and I almost threw up. There are several credible, independent research committees coming up with the same results–the Diebold software is easy to hack, AND shows no evidence of ever having been hacked. They are totally incompetent.


  5. Well looks like we lost 3 of the worst members of Congress – although I would have liked to see Colorado get rid of Tancredo and Musgrave – two of the nations biggest bigots.

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