Politics – Heartland Style

I’m in Indiana tonight and so I get to see a whole different type of political commercial – the heartland commercial.   A commercial for Dr. Tom Hayhurst (his site hides if he’s a Republican or Democrat – which means he’s a Republican).

So this commercial shows politicians that have gone wrong and says their sin – and when it gets to Mark Foley it says that he broke “the laws of nature”.

I guess bigotry rains supreme here in the heartland.

4 thoughts on “Politics – Heartland Style

  1. It’s weird that it doesn’t say on the site.

    It’s weird – but his commercial makes him come off as a conservative democrat, but his profile is pretty liberal.

  2. What’s with the weird, weird font used at the top of his website? Makes him look like the “special ed candidate”…

    I know that’s petty in the big picture, but dang. Design is your friend.

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