Why did my parents choose Philly

My parents are not from here – they were born in Jamaica and moved to Philadelphia mere months before I was born. They could have moved anywhere, but chose Philly. That choice is the root of my love affair with Philadelphia sports teams. Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers – they’re my teams and I live and die with them. Unfortunately it seems that I do more dying that living.

In my 38 years I’ve seen a grand total of two titles – the 1980 Phillies and the 1982 Sixers. I don’t even count the 1975 Flyers because I was 6 years old and don’t really remember it. Since 1982 nothing. Talk about the Cubs or Red Sox futility streaks mean nothing to us. In Chicago they had Michael Jordan and the Bulls win 6 titles, the Bears, and the White Sox win titles since a Philadelphia team has last won. In Boston they’ve had the New England Patriots have won 3 titles and the Celtics won 2 before the Red Sox finally broke through and won theirs.

By my count there has been 91 consecutive team seasons without a team championship. What did we do to deserve this? You’d think that with four teams we’d have gotten one. It’s gotten to the point where I’m losing some of my desire for the teams – I want to be there for the ride, but my heart has been broken so many times, I’m about ready to give up. But I won’t.

So we’re in the middle of another season where it doesn’t look promising. And the Flyers won’t be winning anything. And the Sixers – forget about it.

I’m tired and I wish there was some relief coming.

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