And now from Dr. Rush Limbaugh

Speaking of misdirection, Doctor Rush Limbaugh hates sick people. Doctor you say – how else would he be getting all those prescription meds?

And I quote:

“He is exaggerating the effects of the disease,” Limbaugh told listeners Monday. “He’s moving all around and shaking and it’s purely an act…This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn’t take his medication or he’s acting.”

Conservatives such as him and Ann Coulter just come off as plain mean. Michael J. Fox is faking his disease? Does he have to? Has he seen Muhammed Ali? This is what that disease does.

I have an idea, go find a Parkinson’s suffering Republican and have that person do your own ads. I mean if you have gay, black, and female Republicans, I’m sure you have a couple of sick ones – not like Mark Foley sick, actually sick. If not – stick to your own issues.

3 thoughts on “And now from Dr. Rush Limbaugh

  1. Does he think Christopher Reeve was exaggerating too? There’s got to be a special place in hell for him, Pat “Batshit Crazy” Robertson, Ann Coulter, Jerry Falwell and other hate speech proponents.

    My former company’s president suffered from Parkinson’s. And the way Fox is shaking in those ads was an average day for him. This disease robs people of complete control over their movement, and every day is different. There are much worse and more shocking video examples they could have used.

    Let hateful Rush experience a day where everytime he tries to walk somewhere, he falls down in front of his own employees. Where he tries to eat his lunch and gets it all over his face and clothing. Where he has an accident in the restroom because he’s shaking so bad that he needs to call for help.

    Now if only stem cells could be used to get high…then Rush would be on the side of science.

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