My weird addiction to William Shatner

shatner.jpegRecently I picked up a song from William Shatner on iTunes – it’s a remake of a Pulp song called Common People. While the Pulp song is decent – the Shatner version, produced and guested by Ben Folds with Joe Jackson on backing vocals kicks all sorts of ass. Insanely shower karaoke worthy, I’m shocked at how good it is.

Goes to show what good musicians and material can do.

William Shatner featuring Joe Jackson - Has Been - Common People

5 thoughts on “My weird addiction to William Shatner

  1. You should get the entire thing. It’s a GREAT album and if you don’t — at least do yourself the favor of getting “I Can’t Get Behind That” with Henry Rollins. It’s freakin’ hilarious!

    I’m a big fan of Pulp, so I really enjoyed Shatner’s version of the song as well.

  2. Howard – I got the Aimee Mann song too – and that’s good, so I’m intending to add that to my queue. BTW – the Weepies CD is very good, thanks for the rec.

    Scarlet – I like Pulp, but that’s not my favorite song of theirs. I’ll defer to you, because I’m a recent Pulp fan.

  3. Heck yeah, this album is STRANGELY good! A few predictably shudderingly bad moments as one might expect, but as Howard said, there are lots of other high points on the album, too.

    I do feel like “Common People” is the best. It’s a major “whoa” moment when the Shatner speaking seamlessly melds into Jackson’s singing for the first time, produced so well that it somehow works! Ben Folds didn’t get enough credit for this.

    And Shatner’s writing is pretty genuine and heartfelt in spots, too. Another high point for me is “That’s Me Trying”, the one Aimee guests on, ostensibly about his admissions to his grown daughters that he’s been a fairly bad father — really pretty genuine-sounding and musical.

  4. Spence…the other great tune on this album is Shatner’s duet with Henry Rollins called, “I Can’t Get Behind That”. Love that one. But, “Common People” does really soar, doesnt it? Its almost funny how the song works for him. This makes up for his rotten version of “Rocket Man”. Did you see his roast on Comedy Central?

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