Can’t keep a good iMac down

I purchased an iMac G5 two   years ago.   Entirely new technology, a beautiful machine for a tidy sum of $2,000 or so.   Apple announced that soon after my machine was released, that there were problems with the power supplies on this machine.   I started to have problems earlier this year and held out until this weekend – when the iMac decided it wasn’t going to turn on.     Thank god I purchased the AppleCare warranty on this machine.

After a crushing Eagle’s loss – I drove to King of Prussia mall to make my 5 o’clock appointment.   By 5:45 I was on my way back home with a working computer courtesy of a newly installed power supply.   On a Sunday!   At 5 P.M.

Now I have to get back to my project.

2 thoughts on “Can’t keep a good iMac down

  1. Not that my opinion matters much, but it’s interesting to me how Windows and Mac have evolved into such multi-faceted “cultures”. As a PC-weenie since way back when we still called it “IBM vs Apple”, (the days of the 8086 processor and two 5+1/4 floppies giving way to a 10MB hard drive,) I freely admit that Macs are hugely more dependable and less of a pain in the butt. But I’m so damned immersed in Windows familiarity and the like that I don’t foresee ever making the switch, even though I probably should.

  2. Will be headin out that way this weekend actually. I also have had an iMac g5 that had power supply problems. I got a new one now and it’s great!

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