My alarm clock can awake me to nature sounds, a CD, any radio station I want.   This morning, a Monday morning at that, I was awoken by the dulcet tones of Rick Santorum and Bob Casey Jr. in a debate on the local all news station KYW.   I know your jealous.   What a pair these two make – first off Casey conteracts the effect of an alarm clock entirely.   Next time you need to sleep, listen to this guy.   Of course you have Santorum – who actually comes off better in the debate.   I’m thinking “this guy doesn’t sound too bad”.   Then I remember, “it’s Rick Santorum”.

Listening to these two I’m reminded of what we have to represent us.   Not the best and brightest, but the choice of the best between two evils.   No questions answered.   Attack after attack.   The people that represent us, I wouldn’t invite into my house.

Tomorrow morning I think I’ll sleep in.


  1. Dulcet tones? Does that mean you like the sound of his voice? Lol…j/k.

    I always have to wake up to music. Talk radio sounds unpleasant, so I only get news from TV or the web.

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