Friday’s Random Ten – Aimee Mann & Sunday edition

Sorry about the lateness of this and the lack of posts recently. Just out and out busy at work and a touch of laziness.

Aimee Mann appears three times here, once on her own, then with her previous band ‘Til Tuesday, and finally with her husband Michael Penn. Is this really random?

  1. All Over Now – Aimee Mann (I’m with Stupid)
  2. Come Back – Pearl Jam (Pearl Jam)
  3. For Clyde Tombaugh – Sufjan Stevens (The Avalanche:Outakes and Extras for the Illinois Album)
  4. Marching The Hate Machines – Thievery Corporation (The Cosmic Game)
  5. What About Love – ‘Til Tuesday (A Retrospective)
  6. Sleep to Dream – Fiona Apple (Tidal)
  7. Wide Eyed Fools – Bettie Serveert (Log 22)
  8. Reason To Believe – Michael Penn & Aimee Mann (Badlands – A tribute to Bruce Springsteen)
  9. The Road – Turin Brakes (The Optimist LP)
  10. Addicted – Neil Finn (Try Whistling This)

Favorite Song – “All Over Now”. This isn’t even fair since it’s one of my all time favorite songs from one of my all-time favorite CDs.

Least Favorite Song: This is near impossible – I guess by default I’m going to say “Come Back”.

Favorite CD: Haven’t you been reading? I’m with Stupid by Aimee Mann

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