Television 2006 – the early returns

I need to remember to wait a few episodes before passing judgement on shows. Based on the first episode I was ready to proclaim Studio 60 the best thing since peanut butter (people always say the best thing since sliced bread – but if I had to do without one peanut butter or bread I wouldn’t give up the PB.) Anyway 3 episodes later and I can barely get through it – from the beginning with its horrible theme song to the fact that Perry and Whitford are supposed to be these great comedy writers and yet their skits aren’t funny – it’s just not well formed.

heroes.jpgOn the other hand there’s Heroes, good enough to make me worry about the competition it will give 24 come January. It has the total creep factor that X-Files mastered as well as the comic pieces. It’s only 4 episodes in and it’s a must watch for me – up there with Lost and 24. I’m hoping it doesn’t pull a Prison Break – a show I gave up on half-way through it’s first season.

If you haven’t watched – you can watch previous episodes online at NBC: Heroes

5 thoughts on “Television 2006 – the early returns

  1. Yep… Spencer, when we saw you a few weeks ago, we had seen the 2nd episode of Studio60, but you two hadn’t yet, so we didn’t discuss in detail, wanting to let you form your own opinions. But that’s when it started to fall apart, as soon as they started to need to show actual comedy writing. Amazing that Sorkin can write such consistently clever dialougue, but, to be kind, he’s not a stellar sketch comedy writer. Just about as lame, or more so, than the actual SNL. Oh, well. We’re still watching it for the characters and the acting, so far. But yeah, lots of painful parts.

    We had avoided Heroes due to limited time and poor initial reviews… but now we might need to catch up to it!

  2. Spence! C’mon, now. Studio 60 is really well-written. I like the issues it deals with. I am not saying its the best thing since peanut butter. But, its pretty damn good jelly. I do want to catch Heroes, though. And Prison Break is meant to be out-of-hand. I am convinced. That’s like hating 24 for not being realistic. Each week, I strap myself in knowing that I am going to have to suspend disbelief. There are times when I just can’t.
    Take the CSIs, for instance. Am I supposed to believe that many hot women are ballistics and forensics experts? Methinks not.

    I am out of patience with those shows, too.

    Good stuff, Spence!

  3. I’m enjoying Heroes too. I’ve only watched two episodes of Studio 60 (the others waiting on dvr to be watched) but I kinda see what you mean. It has potential but I’m not 100% a fan yet. I started watching this seasons episodes of Prison Break and had to stop. It doesn’t even keep my attention.

    Have you watched Jericho? it’s a good one too.

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