Guiness World Record – Most T-shirts worn at a time

This is a pretty cool video.   155 T-Shirts, 100 pounds, largest shirt 10XL.   What makes it hard is that he’s carrying this for four hours.

Check it out:

Guiness World Record for most T-Shirts worn at one time.
  • Drama Queen

    People do a lot of crazy things to get into the record books.

    I wonder if I go get into Guiness for longest continuous fart?

  • chris

    i put this on my youtube for everyday blog, good stuff

  • Spencer

    DQ – you’d at least get the admiration of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. (and me for that matter – as long as I’m not withink smelling distance)

  • Lauren

    Man, that scares me. I felt freaked out watching it cause I’d feel trapped in the shirts. lol.