A fair and balanced view of the Mark Foley scandal

It looks like Fox News is taking the term playing for the other team and using it in a different light when it comes to Mark Foley.   It seems that they’ve been accidentally labelling Foley as a democrat.

Obviously this was a mistake plain and simple. Republicans should be credited for their work tracking down Osama Bin Laden – although for the life of me I can’t figure out why they haven’t actually caught him…anyway.


If it weren’t for conservatives, it’s possible we could have had another Hitler on our hands. And conservatives don’t hate Hitler; do they?


It’s a good thing I would never sink to the level of a conservative news organization. What you see here at this site is fair and balanced reporting of the news.

(Oh man I’m going to burn for this one)

8 thoughts on “A fair and balanced view of the Mark Foley scandal

  1. Knowing all the people I know that seem to think they’re going to hell, and based on the admission policies of most religions, it seems that hell might be the new heaven.

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