A fair and balanced view of the Mark Foley scandal

It looks like Fox News is taking the term playing for the other team and using it in a different light when it comes to Mark Foley.   It seems that they’ve been accidentally labelling Foley as a democrat.

Obviously this was a mistake plain and simple. Republicans should be credited for their work tracking down Osama Bin Laden – although for the life of me I can’t figure out why they haven’t actually caught him…anyway.


If it weren’t for conservatives, it’s possible we could have had another Hitler on our hands. And conservatives don’t hate Hitler; do they?


It’s a good thing I would never sink to the level of a conservative news organization. What you see here at this site is fair and balanced reporting of the news.

(Oh man I’m going to burn for this one)

  • http://www.thewebpen.net/blog Howard

    No, no, I think Hell has parody lies, too. You’re fine.

    …and funny.

  • http://www.thewebpen.net/blog Howard

    And by lies, I obviously meant laws. Tooooo early! Although ‘lies’ is pretty funny.

  • http://merujo.blogspot.com Merujo

    Hey, if you’re going to hell, I’ll meet you there. I think my table has been reserved for a long time already…

  • Spencer

    Knowing all the people I know that seem to think they’re going to hell, and based on the admission policies of most religions, it seems that hell might be the new heaven.

  • http://lightcontrast.wordpress.com/ light

    That’s one reason not to go to Fox for news. I don’t get news from Fox, ever.

  • http://fortyninepercenter.blogspot.com/ Joey

    I really liked this one. I sent this to so many people.
    The whole thing is a joke. Foley is a joke. Fox news is a joke.
    Good job on this one.

  • Spencer

    Well I’m glad someone did – with my lack of Photoshop skills – I put too much time into it.

  • http://www.laurenskelly.com Lauren

    HAHA. Too funny.