RIP – Paul Richardson


Growing up in Philadelphia one of my favorite childhood memories is that of my father taking my younger sister and I to Phillies games. The Phillies were great in those days: Steve Carlton pitching, Mike Schmidt and Greg Luzinski hitting, Larry Bowa and Garry Maddox catching. And to top it off the soundtrack was provided by stadium organist Paul Richardson.

I’m certain that Paul Richardson is an integral part of many a Philadelphian’s childhood. Never seen, but the experiences wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Now when you go to a game, it’s pre-recorded songs and special effects, million dollar sound systems and games on the big screen.   Just like so many of today’s experiences, modern advances haven’t improved the experience, just made it modern.

Today Paul Richardson died after a long illness. Just one more time for Paul:


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  1. My name is Don Charles. Way back in the early 70's, I had the honor and pleasure to be Paul's lead singer. We played the Talley Ho, which was a very popular lounge/hotel back then.Paul sure made me sound great. He could get more sounds and flare out of that organ than any musician I had ever met. This man was a true entertainer and a class act all by himself. I've only learned of his passing recently. My memories go with Susan his wife, and her family. Rest in peace my friend.I'll be honored to sing with you again someday. With Warmth, and fond memories, Don Charles

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