Gun violence moves a little closer to Harrisburg

I wanted to write about the Phillies today, but it seemed just a little trite after hearing about the tragedy that occured today in Lancaster County, PA. Four little girls killed by a man armed to fight an army. This just a week after the Pennsylvania state legislature had special meetings to discuss violence especially in the city of Philadelphia.

Gun owners in this state love their guns and refuse any restrictions. Limits on the number of guns they can purchase; closing loopholes in gun show laws; special restrictions for the city of Philadelphia; all dismissed so that gun owners can buy as many guns as they want. What I’ve never understood is why? Why do you need to buy 4 or 5 or 20 guns at a time? And how many people would a gun restriction of one per month affect? This is 12 guns per year. The opponents are opposing these laws based on principle and while they fight to protect their rights while 293 people have been killed in Philadelphia alone. They believe this is a Philadelphia problem and that we need to deal with it ourselves.

That brings me back to what happened today. It isn’t a Philadelphia problem, it’s a Pennsylvania problem, it’s an American problem and our legislature needs to care more about the lives of young children than the beloved rights of gun owners. In an atmosphere where civil liberties are abandoned readily by our government, it seems this is an area where we can afford to give up just a little.

But we will continue to argue and debate and all the while more and more people are dying. But they won’t care until it’s their daughters, sons, neighbors and friends.

Silly me; I thought the government was suppose to protect everyone.

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