Why did my parents choose Philly

My parents are not from here – they were born in Jamaica and moved to Philadelphia mere months before I was born. They could have moved anywhere, but chose Philly. That choice is the root of my love affair with Philadelphia sports teams. Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers – they’re my teams and I live and die with them. Unfortunately it seems that I do more dying that living.

In my 38 years I’ve seen a grand total of two titles – the 1980 Phillies and the 1982 Sixers. I don’t even count the 1975 Flyers because I was 6 years old and don’t really remember it. Since 1982 nothing. Talk about the Cubs or Red Sox futility streaks mean nothing to us. In Chicago they had Michael Jordan and the Bulls win 6 titles, the Bears, and the White Sox win titles since a Continue reading

Good ole politics – Southern style

We’re in the final stretch of the 2006 mid-term elections and there are some interesting stories about the new era of politics and elections here in the United States.

It’s tough being a black man running for any office in the United States. Add to that being a single black man running for senator in Tennessee, then you’ve really got the deck stacked against you. Harold Ford is running for Senator as an independent and is making a race of it when none was expected. It is so much of a race, the following ad was commissioned and run against him.

This ad might as well said: “Harold Ford – this black man wants your white women – don’t vote for him.” I wish I could be surprised by the lack of class and taste, and I wish I could be surprised at the level of implied racism, but I’m not. Watch the hours of political ads you see and they are short on issues and long on innuendo and outright lies.

Harold Ford reaction to this week’s gay rights ruling in New Jersey was also interesting. Whether or not he’s actually against it is up for debate, but as a single man running for office after Mark Foley and the Republicans provided us with Foleygate, he took the opportunity to make it be known that he’s “likes girls.” As a matter of fact, he’s said as much during this campaign. When asked about attending a Playboy party during the 2004 Super Bowl he responded “I like football and I like girls.”

I also don’t email pages, dirty messages – that’s unless their girls, cause I like girls.

I can’t say that I blame him though – he can be principled and not discuss it, but being principled doesn’t get you elected.

The stakes are high this year and we’re seeing tactics that we’ve never seen before. Like today: we drove past an ad that read “Bush supports Fitzpatrick. You’re doin’ an heckuva job!” Obviously this ad was placed by the Democrats (love the subtle Brownie/Katrina quote) here in Pennsylvania in order to tie Mike Fitzpatrick (R. PA) to George Bush. How amazing that a political strategy by the Democrats is to tie a Republican to a sitting Republican President.
In this current election it seems like there are so many newbies running and all I have to say is thank god. I’m tired of career politicians and anytime I hear an ad say “Patrick Murphy has no experience” that is a vote for Patrick Murphy from me.

What the hell has all this experience gotten us?

24 Season 6 Trailer

I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again, all of the other shows are just pretenders – 24 is the best show on TV. Lost is losing steam. Buffy is gone. There hasn’t been a bad year of 24, and if the trailer is any clue then Season 6 will be amazing.

Spoilers alert. If you’re one of those that don’t want to know anything about characters (like Principal Wood becoming President Wood – how cool is that?) then don’t watch.

Also available at 24Trailer.com

Save that trip to Massachussets

I can hear the conservative machine starting up right now. They have a fake issue to rally around come this election. The New Jersey State Supreme Court just ruled that same-sex couples have the same rights as mixed-gender couples.   I happen to agree with this but couldn’t the ruling have waited until November 8th?   The Republicans have been waiting for something to misdirect everyone from Foleygate and Iraq – and here it is.   In New Jersey where right now there’s a hotly contested Senate race between Menendez and Keane.     Every politician in the country will be asked about this and the Republicans will use it to try and drive a wedge between voters.

Don’t be fooled by the conservatives – vote on their performance: Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Katrina…

Walking to cure diabetes

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