Agreeing with Jerry Falwell (Really)

In an interview Sunday Jerry Falwell said that if Hillary Rodham-Clinton is the 2008 Democratic nominee, conservatives would be motivated to oppose her more so than they would the devil. I hate to agree with him, but this is what has scared me about her as a nominee. The worse thing is that it’s not conservatives that hate her, it’s Republicans.

Democrats can not afford to have a candidate as polarizing as Rodham-Clinton. Last election we chose a poor candidate. We can’t afford to do so again.

7 thoughts on “Agreeing with Jerry Falwell (Really)

  1. I’m not sure about what I think about her personally. Professionally I think it’s great that the right is trying to smear her image, that means they see her as a threat. If McCarthy was around, would he call her a communist?

  2. Hype got us George Bush and “Compassionate Conservatism”.

    I prefer someone like McCain or Biden – people who have a record that applies to global issues and that we can decide on based on those issues.

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