Famous movie voiceover guys (YouTube)

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. I was surprised that there are people that hadn’t seen it, so here it is again.
What would happen if the most famous movie voiceover guys got together? Watch and find out:

3 thoughts on “Famous movie voiceover guys (YouTube)

  1. Love it! You find the coolest stuff on YouTube, Spencer.

    In a world where Spencer scours YouTube for the finest of entertainment… no one is safe… from laughter…”

  2. I love this one, too. When it made the rounds the first time, it was VERY popular amongst radio-announcer-geeks, (who run the gamut from those that are jealous of these guys ’cause they get so much work, through those that are adamant that these guys should all be considered more as “stars” than they are.)

    Pro voiceover guys are a weird breed — It can be lucrative but ultra-competetive and promotionally effort-intensive! These few guys have actually become somewhat wealthy from it, and I have a lot of acquaintances that have made decent supplemental income from it, but it takes a ton more effort than I’ve ever felt like putting in, so I’ve made very little over the years of my own occasaional voiceover freelancing. (But hey, y’know, always open to move voiceover work if anyone has it to offer!) (See, that kind of obnoxious promotional effort…)

    And yeah, Spencer, you’re providing a great YouTube filtering service, finding stuff that’s actally cool! (Btw, I believe your blog was the first place online that I saw the SNL “Lazy Sunday” video, always held up as the god of viral video these days.)

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