Friday’s Random Ten – Walking in Memphis edition

I’m in Memphis for work so I’ve decided to let my computer post in my absence.

  1. Beast in Me – Martin Sexton (The American)
  2. Wild Country – Shawn Colvin (These Four Walls)
  3. Live the Proof – Jim Boggia (Safe in Sound)
  4. Hoist That Rag – Tome Waits (Real Gone)
  5. Heroes – Jill Sobule (Pink Pearl)
  6. The Fron – Sergio Mendes (Timeless)
  7. Virginia Moon – Foo Fighters (In Your Honor)
  8. There is a A Light that Never Goes Out – The Smiths (Singles)
  9. He Turns Down – Cat Power (Moon Pix)
  10. Reason to Believe – Michael Penn & Aimee Mann (Badlands –   A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen)

Favorite Song: There is a Light that Never Goes Out

Least Favorite: Virginia Moon (all it takes is S-Norah Jones to make the Foos boring)

Favorite CD – These Four Walls

What are yours?

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Random Ten – Walking in Memphis edition

  1. Nothing Better- Postal Service (Give Up)
    Get Bout It & Rowdy- Snoop Dogg (Da Game…)
    Panic- No Doubt (B Sides)
    Don Giovanni- Mozart (Making Out To Mozart)
    A Hush- Shearwater (WInged)
    Falstaff- Clinic (Winchester Cathedral)
    Balboa and Clubber- Michael Giacchino (Alias 2)
    Drain- Smashing Pumpkins (Machina Demos)
    Spaced- Smashing Pumpkins (Pisces Iscariot)
    Lincoln Town- John Hiatt (Crossing Muddy Waters)

    Favorite Song- Ummmm, hard to pick between SMashing Pumpkins and Postal Service
    Least Favorite- Who is Shearwater?
    Favorite Album- Pisces Iscariot!

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