Happy birthday to me

So as a birthday gift, today I got to fly to Memphis to see a client.   I’m actually excited about the client, but travelling on your birthday kind of sucks.

Best travel story: the family that holds up the line asking if they can bring in sippy cups for their children.   What rock were these people under that they haven’t heard this.   And just in case they were actually under a rock there were about 100 signs saying the same.


9 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me

  1. Hey, Spencer, happy birthday! [A day late, if the goofy MySpace reminder (which I managed to forget anyway) was correct.] Hope it’s going well in Memphis.

  2. Well Spencer, I had to respond because I grew up in Memphis. What will you be doing there? Are you there on business? I haven’t been back in two or three years. I live on the West Coast now, have been for 16 years. Left Memphis and came straight out here. So let us know of your experiences and impressions of the place. Sorry about travelling on your birthday, and all the craziness you’ll have to endure at the airports!

  3. Spencer – Happy B-Day and you do a
    terrific thing with MP stuff. However,
    as a parent to two young kids, take
    it easy on the sippy cups, it is part
    of the deal. You must not have kids.

    Thanks again and happy B-Day

  4. Thanks – it’s a labor of love.

    As for sippy cups, no problems on my end. I just want people to be aware that the world doesn’t revolve around them. I mean – the government had banned liquids on planes days prior to this; sippy cup or not.

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