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I can’t imagine how CSI:Miami can be so popular – it apparently is the most popular show in the world – yes the world. Ironic since it is also the crappiest show in the world – but not the point.

If you’re tired of watching crap, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is actually worth your time. Aaron Sorkin has a rep for writing very intelligent scripts and pulling in great actors. This show is a lot like The West Wing in that it’s wish fulfillment TV. This time the wish is how TV should be. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whittford who play a risk taking but talented creative team brought in to save a Saturday Night Live type show from malaise (I wish it were real). Amanda Peet plays the network entertainment chief that brings them in.

Like any Sorkin show, Studio 60 has great dialogue. If you are a fan of shows like The West Wing or The Gilmore Girls – you’ll probably love this show.

NBC is replaying the pilot in it’s entirety on their website. Click the following link. (Studio 60 can be seen on Mondays @ 10 PM on NBC)

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – (Pilot & 2 minute recap available at link)
Deal or No Deal?   No deal.

This has to be the most ridiculous game show ever.   The poularity of this show is as telling as the poplularity of CSI:Miami’s is about the collective IQ of television watchers .   Our cats have enough intelligence to play in this game – no strategy, no intelligence – just choosing random cases.   America – you’re smarter than this (not really saying much).

9 thoughts on “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – worth watching

  1. Ah, abso-freakin’-lutely-hell-yeah. I was wondering which of my blogging friends would say this first so I could glom on with my vehement agreement…

    I’ve never seen CSI:Miami, but I can’t imagine how it’d be any different than all the other CSI’s and similarly-lettered shows that are already on just about EVERY other night of the week, and can’t fathom how it still would have beaten Studio 60 in the ratings.

    And Deal or No Deal — what is it on, like six nights a week or something? Such a nation of sheep. Now if they actually HAD cats picking the cases instead, THEN I might watch!

    I was really impressed with Studio 60. Not only the writing, as Spencer described, (just like West Wing when it was good, aka before Sorkin left), but also some darn fine acting. Really pleasantly surprised by Matthew Perry, who quite believably underplayed being loaded up with pain medication without ever going over the top. Amanda Peet’s character similarly nicely underplayed and cliche-avoiding, yet still looking like Amanda Peet. It’s pretty much all good.

    Then someone spoke those immortal words to me — “it’s too cerebral to follow easily” — which pretty much guarantees my future addiction to this show…

  2. I think I actually applauded at the end of Studio 60.

    And what exactly did that “still looking like Amanda Peet” mean, Mr. Radiocynic? Funny, you didn’t mention anything about that while we were watching the show the other night…

  3. No domestic fights online please :)

    Anyway she didn’t take her top off so I wasn’t sure it was her.

    BTW – CSI:Miami is significantly worse than the others – and I don’t like the others. Miami is somewhat campy – I’m not sure if they’re going for that or it’s accidental, but it’s there.

  4. (I don’t really see a problem here, as Ms. Cyn and Ms. Peet are similar-enough-looking to each other that I wouldn’t think it’d be much of an issue.)

    Yeah, we just aim to entertain…

    Great show anyway.

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