To those concerned (Eagles vs. Giants)

jkearse.jpgNo – I haven’t jumped off a bridge. I am not in a deep depression.

Yes yesterday’s Eagles game was horrible, but we’ll get over it and improve from here. Before the Giants get to full of themselves, they should look at the film from the 3 quarters. The Eagles need to look at the second half as to see what went wrong. I still think the Eagles are the class of the NFC East – they simply let the Giants win yesterday.

Hopefully they’ll learn from this.

As for this week – Go Phils!

4 thoughts on “To those concerned (Eagles vs. Giants)

  1. I am not an Eagles fan, persay. I watch the games but I dont allow the outcome to dictate my mood. If they win, great. If they don’t, great. I root for the Flyers. I have my own problems, thank you. I only have room in my heart for one major disappointment in a calender year.

    I think the key injuries are starting too early for this team.
    The injury to Kearse is a crusher. It will be interesting to see how they fill that gap.

  2. Actually if there was one position on the team where they could afford an injury, it was was to the d-line. Losing Kearse, while bad, isn’t a crusher. They have 8 d-lineman and they’ll just slide McDougal into his position. Matter of fact, I doubt they replace him – I think they put him on the IR and replace him with a corner. The injuries at corner are much more concerning because there is no depth there. The difference between a good corner and an adequate one is major.

  3. Hopefully, McDougal can make it through a snap without twisting, breaking, pulling or straining something. He is sure to be shot during a kickoff return and need surgery to repair the damage he suffers to his skull upon it’s impact with the stretcher.

    Christ…he should have been the villain in “Unbreakable”.
    He is too fragile. He has even played 5 games in a row during his career?

  4. I’ll forever be the optimist – remember Derek Burgess was the same way – could never get on the field and the Eagles got so much grief for letting him go last year.

    Anyway last year the man was carjacked – seems he has more bad luck than anything.

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