Hitman killed by nurse?

So a man breaks into a woman’s home in what was thought to be an attempted burglary.   He attacks her with a claw hammer but she fights him off and kills him.

Turns out that her estranged husband hired this “hitman” to kill her.   I have to think that this man is a disgrace to hitmen everywhere.   Claw hammer?   What – did he forget to bring his gun and have to improvise?   Strangled by the woman with her bare hands.   Hitmen aren’t what they used to be – good thing.

5 thoughts on “Hitman killed by nurse?

  1. LOL.

    If I’m not wrong, the “hitman” was a custodian at the husband’s adult video store.

    Oh…I’m thinking of a number of bad lines here (involving alternative weapons) but I guess I’ll let y’all use your imaginations.

  2. When she first heard about the dead “burglar”, my sister the nurse said, “Don’t ever piss off a nurse coming off a long shift. She’s a lethal weapon.”

  3. see, that’s why people need to hire professional hit people…

    not that i’m advocating the hiring of said hit people, but if you’re going to hire someone of that nature, you’d want someone professional, no?

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