Friday’s Random Ten

Another edition of the Friday random Ten – enjoy – share yours.

  1. No Name No 5 – Elliott Smith (Either/Or)
  2. Elt – Wilco (Summer Teeth)
  3. To Be Myself Completely – Belle and Sebastian (The Life Pursuit)
  4. Been Swank – The Von Bondies (Pawn Shoppe Heart)
  5. She Spreads Her Wings – Semisonic (Feeling Strangely Fine)
  6. Daddy Don’t Care – David Garza (Strange Mess of Flowers)
  7. Dazz – Brick (70’s Soul Collection)
  8. Policy of Truth – Depeche Mode (The Singles 86>98)
  9. Grazed Knees – Snow Patrol (Final Straw)
  10. Meant to Mean – South (Adventures In The Underground Journey To The Stars)

Favorite song: No Name No 5

Least Favorite: She Spreads Her Wings

Favorite Album: Summer Teeth

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Random Ten

  1. 1. Nice To Be With You – Gallery
    2. New Year’s Day – U2
    3. Break Away – Art Garfuckel (guilty pleasure!)
    4. Chorus – Erasure
    5. Save It For A Rainy Day – Stephen Biship (GP!)
    6. Where Is The Love? – Roberta Flack (iTunes is feeling very 70’s)
    7. Favorite – Liz Phair
    8. Hallucinating Elvis – Duran Duran
    9. The Forsaken Fortress – Koji Kondo
    10. Superwoman – Stevie Wonder

    Favorite Song: Superwoman
    Least Favorite Song: Favorite (ironic)

  2. “Clap Your Hands”- Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah!
    “Now That I Miss Her”- Elefant
    “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”- Oasis
    “Goddamn Electric”- Pantera
    “Crawl Through The Darkness”- The Von Bondies
    “We’ll Get By”- Mr. T. Experience
    “Fifth Dimension”- The Byrds
    “I Guess I Remembered It Wrong”- Superchunk
    “Reptilia”- The Strokes
    “Sukie In The Graveyard”- Belle and Sebastian

    Favorite song: Reptilia?

    Least Favorite: I Guess I Remembered It Wrong

    Favorite Album: The Life Pursuit

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