Assorted: Nancy Grace, George Bush, and Philly smoking ban

A few things to discuss

Nancy dis-Grace

I can’t tell you how much I hate Nancy Grace – from her righteousness to her focus on pretty, white, blonde victims, she is just awful.

This week she’s gone too far in injecting herself into an open investigation, spurring the suicide of a main subject, and then denying that she had any impact. She believes that guilt caused the woman to kill herself. That may well be, but what proof does Grace have? Is it such a stretch to think that she was so distraught that after the grilling by Grace and the police, she couldn’t take it anymore?

She disgusts me.

This week in Dubya

Republicans aren’t backing him. Colin Powell has come out against him. The Bush Terror plan seems like a non-starter. It seems that in response to being shut down by the Supreme Court that instead of playing by the rules that the axis of evil – Bush, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney want to change the rules. Kudos to Powell who said in response to proposed changes to the Geneva Convention: “The world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism. To redefine Common Article Three would add to those doubts.”

Philadelphia enters the 21st century

Finally Philadelphia has enacted a ban on workplace smoking that will extend to most bars and restaurants. While some bars will be exempt, it will make for a much more pleasant experience for those of us that don’t smoke. It will be interesting to see how this new law will be enforced.

8 thoughts on “Assorted: Nancy Grace, George Bush, and Philly smoking ban

  1. Spencer, am I allowed to use the ‘C’ word on your blog? Whether Ms. Grace contributed to the suicide or not (I believe she helped push the woman to her suicide decision), her ‘approach’ certainly did nothing to help the woman resolve her situation whether she’s guilty or not. Anything for ratings, eh?

  2. Thanks for adding me to your Philly blogs list. I added you to my local links, too.

    When you have time add yourself to my new blog buddy map, please.

  3. Nancy Grace does NOT have a good intellect in Law, that is one of the many reasons the city of Atlanta threw Nancy out on her butt, and why she can no longer practice Law any more. It comes down to basic LAW, which Nancy has no comprehension of. You see, when she “claims” she was a Prosecutor in Atlanta for a number of years, she was never a Prosecutor. Only an assistant prosecutor (even after more than a decade). The only cases she took to court were the “monkey cases” as her superiors say, They were all the “slam-dunk” wins for the county, nothing more. Nancy just didn’t stand a chance in the real legal world. As far as her claim she was a victim of a crime, Nancy was NEVER a victim of any crime (although her fiancé was ). Nancy was not even related to that guy, she was never a victim of anything. And, as far as that boyfriend, Nancy changed boyfriends like most people change their socks. Now, Nancy is responsible for the taking of more innocent people’s lives, she needs to be stopped now. Prison might be a good option for someone guilty of Negligent Homicide, or Assisted Suicide. Don’t forget the Petition-drives. Here is a link to one of many of them against Nancy Grace.

    And, do not forget to see another award Nancy won.

  4. On the Nancy Grace show tonight on Thursday January 25, 2007, Nancy finally covered some of the Trenton Duckett case where Nancy is alleged to have assisted and been connected to assisting in Trenton’s mother’s death. Nancy finally spoke about some of the information that Trenton is likely overseas right now, which I suspected from Day-One in many of my posts on the sites that cover some of Nancy’s illegal and unprofessional conduct. She sure is slow now-a-days getting to the up-to-date facts. That news is more than four months old already. I guess the stress she is experiencing facing the potential loss of millions of dollars is finally starting to get to her demeanor. It has already cause Nancy to fire her first two-of-three Damage-Control Specialist Firms, and has gotten her on an in-patient status three times since Nancy contributed to Melinda’s untimely death. Nancy had on Josh, that scum-bag sorry-excuse-of-a-father idiot and he just proved himself useless again on the show. Hopefully, Josh ends up with sanctions after the upcoming cases against him and Nancy get some true justice. Like MSNBC television has stated before, Nancy is scared to death right now. Good for Nancy. She should stop victimizing non-convicted victims. .

  5. Late on Saturday night, December 8th, a Fox show named “The Soup” had a segment where they really bashed Nancy for just being Nancy. The worst jab was when the news broadcaster laughed at Nancy for “naturally getting pregnant at age 60.” In all due respect to that show, Nancy is way too old to have kids at this late-stage in her life. Those kids will still be in high-school when Nancy is at the age-of-retirement. That, alone, is child-abuse in and of itself. What a stupid reason for Nancy to have kids just to get a tax-credit. Plus, her name is not legally Nancy Grace anyways. That must be her planned-defense in some of her upcoming lawsuits against her for her for crimes including the documented unprofessional and illegal conduct against a mother of a missing young child. Nancy must plan to say on the stand “You can’t sue me, I am not Nancy Grace, I got married and changed my name. You have the wrong person here.”

  6. Michelle – I think you need to take a breath. Grace is evil, but man – you’re entering stalker mode here.

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