Philly Future Featured Blog

Say that three times fast.

A favorite blog of mine, I’ve Made a Huge Tiny Mistake is the new featured blog over at Philly Future. Chris writes a lot about Philly sports and Boy Meets World (I kid you not).


BTW – if you’re a Philadelphia blogger – you should join the community over at Philly Future; it’s a great way to build the community and find readers for your work.

  • Cyn

    Do you need to blog about Philadelphia?

  • Spencer

    Nope. I generally don’t.

  • Drama Queen

    Spencer, thanks for the advice. I went and visited the blog and asked to be linked to help spread the word.

  • Cyn

    Thanks Spencer — I signed up there. What the heck, right? Of course, I’m pretty much sick of blogging at this point…

  • chris

    i hear this blog is the greatest