Friday’s Random Ten

Here is this Friday’s random ten

  1. Pushover – Etta James
  2. The Youngest was the Most Loved – Morrissey (Ringleaders of the Tormentors)
  3. She’ll Come Back To Me – Cake (Fashion Nugget)
  4. Ugle Love – Eel (Blinking Light and other Revelations)
  5. Electioneering – Radiohead (OK Computer)
  6. Love is Strong – Rolling Stones (40 Licks)
  7. Big House – Michael Penn (March)
  8. Just In Case You Quit Me – Tanya Donelley (Whiskey Tango Ghosts)
  9. The Finer Things – Steve Winwood (Back in the High Life)
  10. Cupid’s Trick – Elliott Smith (Either/Or)

Favorite Song – Cupid’s Trick

Least Favorite – Pushover – this was tough, but this isn’t my favorite style of hers

Favorite album – OK Computer – not fair being that this is my favorite CD ever.

No time for all those fancy Amazon links tonight, but you could always click on the store link in the header (Speener’s got a wedding to pay for).

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