The Pitfalls of Stock Art

Maybe the following link is just funny for marketing types like myself- but I’m going to gamble that others will find it funny too.   It’s about a woman that gets seen a lot because she’s a stock-art model.   If you’re not familiar with stock-art, basically you can buy images to use in advertising, websites, etc.   The problem is if you can buy the image, so can others.

The woman in question hawks bags, dating sites, beauty tips, etc.   I’ve personally seen her on a advertising weight-loss and Dominos Pizza.

My friend Grace even found her on a site she did the copy for.

The message here is take caution when using stock-art images.

Here’s the link – read all 3 pages, there’s a twist in the story at the end.

An Unsolicited Commercial Love Story  

One thought on “The Pitfalls of Stock Art

  1. It’s not exactly stock art itself that is the problem.

    It is that of a thoughtless designer or decision-maker. They need to think more deeply about how RF stock images are used.

    The stock photo company could also contribute to the problem. Many companies don’t offer the process that make the image buyer aware to all the places the stock image has been used.

    See my point`?

    But if it is known that there is no process for tracking where the image is placed, it is the fault of an unaware design or decison-maker. There needs to have be awareness of the enitire situation and a practice of deeper thinking as a process for designing.

    Uh…er… A more thoughtful system needs to be in place for all constituents.

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