Hurricane Katrina: One year later

I have to admit that I have allowed Katrina to slip my mind. I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t followed the situation the way I wanted to. I sit here in my suburban malaise thankful for what I have, but not having thought about the people from New Orleans the way I should have.

I’ve forgotten the dead bodies. The bungling of the response. The lies from our elected officials. The apparent disregard for those of us that are poor; for those of us that are minorities.

I’ve let George Bush off the hook. Sure I was angry then – but I’ve lost that anger. I look at the news reports now as if it’s some part of America’s past – important, but distant and without immediate impact to the daily lives of people today.
We need to demand better. But yet we don’t – Mayor Nagin was re-elected. President Bush has been able to slip by without continued pressure to change or improve, but his feet were not held to the fire. We heard President Bush say it had nothing to do about race – but the pictures don’t bear that out.

This was not the first time that a hurricane hit this country, but it was the first time we had failed the sufferers so spectacularly. Mostly black men, women, and children. At the time – I thought it was mostly class, but I think that was naive. Maybe I’m wrong, but what proof can I be shown?

How could I have forgotten? Maybe it’s that I expect nothing more from our leaders; that this is to be expected.

That for the spectacular faliure that our President is, that we allow him and the rest of our leaders to fail time and time again, but until we ask for better…
we get what we deserve.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Katrina: One year later

  1. Yes, it’s hurricane season once again. Is Louisiana ready for it? NO

    Have they been getting money to prepare the levees? YES

    So what’s the problem? What’s happening to the money?

    Bush said the Katrina victims wouldn’t be forgotten by him, but they have. The state of recovery in New Orleans and Biloxi is pitiful.

  2. I’m currently watching the Spike Lee HBO special (through half) and it makes me want to cry. We let these “leaders get away with so much”.

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