Heartless Bastards (I told you so)

I hate to even think of favorite CD’s of the year in August but I’m sure about thehb_allthistime.jpg Heartless Bastards cd All This Time. It is the best CD I’ve heard this year. They’ve been compared to Cat Power but add in a touch of The White Stripes or The Von Bondies to sort of spice things up.

Here’s what Entertainment Weekly had to say when it made the new CD #2 on it’s weekly Must List

Relish the piano-and-guitar-heavy tunes and singer Erika Wennerstrom’s powerful pipes on the Bastards’ hearty, soulful second album.

Songs to listen to (links open in iTunes)

This cd is available on eMusic. I keep recommending eMusic and here’s a great reason why. This cd will cost you $10 or so on Amazon or iTunes. You can download it with your membership at eMusic and still be able to download 5 or 6 more albums all for $15 a month.

  • http://www.svrspy.blogspot.com Scarlet

    I am so sold on eMusic, BUT I only have dial up at home and this is my last week at the cushy internet all day job.

  • Spencer

    Yes – emusic with out broadband would be impossible.

    A big music fan like you without broadband. You’re going to go crazy when you get it.


  • http://www.thesmedleylog.com/ howard

    I’m right with you on eMusic. It’s so much more than worth the price. For me, it’s right up there with the Paste Sampler (or their free mp3 collection).

  • http://www.svrspy.blogspot.com Scarlet

    I can’t get it where I live. Well, I can get cable, but we don’t have cable tv so I can’t.

    In college, with ethernet and legal Napster, I did go crazy!

  • Spencer

    Paste sampler is awesome – worth the subscription alone (which is good because I think they have a tendancy to rate too highly and their articles sometimes come off as the stuff of fanatical fans).

  • http://www.laurenskelly.com Lauren

    I am checking out the cd right now. Really good so far!

  • http://www.thewebpen.net/blog Howard

    Funny, I came back to this post and found a Howard here saying things I don’t remember typing. It was funny.

    I finally gave in. I signed up for Fat Possum’s newsletter to get updates on Andrew Bird now that he’s signed to FP and just got a notice saying that they’re CD were only $10. How can I resist?

    BTW, have you given The Weepies a chance?

  • Spencer

    I did. I like although some of the songs are a little too…sugary for me. I still like it – but I get the same feeling I do after listening to Belle and Sebastian.

  • http://www.thewebpen.net/blog Howard

    Mmmm… love me some B&S. I guess I’m still a closet romantic.

  • Spencer

    You probably would like Ellery – who I just reviewed.