More Yankees/Red Sox please

Let me start this by saying I’m probably a little jealous.

This weekend the already Yankees/Red Sox focused national coverage will become even more so.   With the heated rivalry starting up again with 5 games in 4 days, you can forget hearing about anything else until Tuesday at best.
Of the 5 games, all but tonight’s second half of a doubleheader will be nationally televised.   Add to that the fact that Baseball Tonight, Sportscenter, and any other coverage that aspires to be a national sports news provider will devote 75% of their coverage to this series.   I’m here to say I’m tired of it.

Since when has Major League Baseball been defined by two teams?   I know it’s a compelling story, but come on!   There are 28 other teams in the majors.   The Yankees are the Yankees and Red Sox fans have done a great job at whining about their tale of woe (I’m from Philly – I got your woe right over here! Since when is two dynasties from your city in the past 25 years considered woe?)

Note to ESPN, Fox, and whoever else is listening: we’re not all Yankees and Red Sox fans; as a matter of fact, most of us probably hate them.   Some of us like the Phillies , Giants, and even the Devil Rays.   There are great races (or at least close races) in both western divisions, the National League Central, and the wild cards.   How about we not focus on one series for the next 4 days?

Phillies notes

I don’t want to be considered a doom and gloom Phillies blogger – so I have to talk about the good too.   I love the way the way the Fighten’s are playing right now.   While the timely hitting still leaves a little to be desired, they are stealing runs, playing good defense, and most importantly the pitching well.   Uncle Charlie has also decided to fiddle with the lineup a bit, playing 4 outfielders in all 3 spots and platooning at catcher.   The additional playing time for Dellucci, Coste, and Victorino has added spark.   John Lieber has turned it around, Hamels is pitching well, and Randy Wolf has been a welcome addition.   I’m kind of missing Corey Lidle and his ability to eat innings and keep you in the game, but I’ll live without him.

Through the end of the season it will be interesting to see how hard the Phillies as an organization go after the wild card.   Will they add pitching or a bat to the bench beyond the September call-ups?   Will Mathieson remain in the rotation?   Lots of questions.

3 thoughts on “More Yankees/Red Sox please

  1. 43 year-old crafty left-hander Jamie Moyer is now in place of Mathieson…which should be better for both the rotation and bullpen. I think Moyer will do at least what Lidle did for the Phils and hopefully more.

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