Online dating 101

I think that we’ve all been there with someone, but Darren Sherman kind of takes the cake. This guy goes on a date with Joanne and when she doesn’t return his emails, threatens to sue and call her lawyer in order to force her to pay half their dinner bill. Nice. The phone calls are a must listen, but also check out the articles I’ve linked to below

The Perils Of Using JDate

Article Links

How not to act on J-date – PR. Differently

Metro UK article

(note: Kristen and I met through the Onions personals, and two of my best friends also met online and are currently married, so don’t take this as an indictment of online dating)

  • Merujo

    You guys met through the Onion personals? You guys were already pretty cool, but that just raises your coolness quotient by leaps and bounds. Gawd bless The Onion!

  • Spencer

    Yes we did. I’m not even sure they still have a personals. I remember thinking that any girl that was using the personals on the Onion must have a sense of humor. Of course then I find out that their personals were a network shared with a million other sites such as the City Paper and Salon.

  • Cyn

    Gee, I can’t understand why Joanne didn’t like Darren. Maybe because he was all “biz-i-ness.”

    Ugly dating flashbacks of my single life ensue…