New music: Heartless Bastards and assorted others

hb_allthistime.jpgFor those of you that were dissappointed in Cat Power’s release The Greatest you should check out a new album All This Time by the band Heartless Bastards. Where Cat Power’s release put me to sleep – All This Time is much more interesting. It’s fuzzy and jangly – Erika Wennerstrom’s voice pulls you in. (Heartless Bastards on Myspace)

Other CD’s to try

The Futureheads – News and Tributes

Art Brut – Bang Bang Rock (listen to if you like Artic Monkeys)

Camera Obscura – Let’s Get out of this Country (If you were dissappointed in the Belle and Sebastian release, this should satisfy).

All of this is also available on null

3 thoughts on “New music: Heartless Bastards and assorted others

  1. You were disappointed with B&S?

    I was going to buy Camera Obscura yesterday, but didn’t want to pay the Barnes and Noble price for it. I like Futureheads, too.

  2. Hence the beauty of eMusic ;)

    It’s not so much that I was dissappointed in the B&S release – I did like it more than I’ve liked them before. It’s just that I am not a huge fan and this release, while it has some great songs, it also has some of those cutesy songs they do that I hate. The Camera Obscura cd avoids all that and just is easier for me to listen to all the way through.

    BTW – for some reason, your comments yesterday were blocked as spam – kind of weird.

  3. Ha yeah, I thought I was going crazy bc I KNEW I had commented.

    I don’t like everything B&S does, but it’s also partly bc my college roommate listened to them A LOT so I had to hate them for awhile.

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