Blog Depression

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and while doing it found a steady group of blogging friends (look to the right under “Super Blog Friends” – let me know if I should add you too.)

Anyway – I’ve noticed that every once in awhile bloggers get tired, bored, annoyed with blogging for whatever reason.   Sometimes it intrudes with their life (or vice versa), sometimes you get bored, whatever. I noticed the trend about two weeks ago when suze decided to take a little vacation (a blogation?) that she wasn’t the first.   So it was good timing when I found the following funny public service announcement about blog depression.

Hopefully this helps (or makes you laugh)

5 thoughts on “Blog Depression

  1. That was beautiful. Love the 1970s 9th grade health class brochure feel. :-)

    I’ve taken blog vacations a few times. Once, I took one that lasted over a year…

  2. I’m ready to vacate the blogging too — or switch to a topic that requires less thought — something along the lines of a blog dedicated to photos of my 1980s big hair.

    The pamphlet is hilarious – thanks for the link!

  3. Cyn – I love your blog, but I guess if you’re not pleasing yourself then there’s no purpose.

    I tell you what I’ve had enough of – Myspace. “No I don’t want to be your friend!”

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