Damn it’s hot

Friend of the Jewish people and humanitarian Mel Gibson had this to say “The Jews have been the cause of all heatwaves – including this one.”

I’m praying the trains have air conditioning.   I’ve been hearing too much about trains without.   Like this story from NYC.

One thought on “Damn it’s hot

  1. Coincidentally, I just finished reading about the trains in NY and how people were actually crying on them. Geez! What a waste of precious body fluids.

    Kidding. I can’t even imagine. We had 100+ days here in Denver last month, but it’s so dry here that it hardly feels like it. I grew up in SC so I know how the humidity can affect how it feels outside.

    They announced on the news this morning that NYC is expected to FEEL like it’s 116. That’s Phoenix weather but without the wetness.

    Stay cool and don’t over do it, East Coasters.

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